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Volunteer early for next years NAMI Walks for the Mind of America. NAMI Walks for the Mind of America is a day that seems almost magical, with over a thousand people coming together to learn more about mental illness, develop stronger ties with one another, and celebrate a beautiful day with friends and loved ones.

Volunteers are needed for:

♦  Walk Committee

♦  Event Day Registration

♦  T-shirt Distribution

♦  Volunteer Check-in

♦  Refreshments

♦  Information Booth

♦  Water Station

 ♦  NAMI of Miami County Helpline

Respond to requests for information, referral, education, and peer support about and related to serious mental illnesses (requires individual and group training). Both regularly scheduled and back-up volunteers needed.

♦  Speakers

Utilizing NAMI of Miami County training, speak to the community about mental illness and related issues (requires training).

Please call Denise at 305-665-2540 and leave your information to include:

  • Name
  • Contact phone numbers (home and cell)
  • email address
  • Area of expertise or description of how you wish to volunteer’

A staff member will get back to you.  Thank-you.


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